Let’s Celebrate Ageing!

mindlift-on-ageingDid you know this weekend, Saturday 1st October, is UK Older People’s Day? Part of the UN International Day of Older Persons, this great day is a chance to celebrate the contribution that those who have lived longer lives make to communities and businesses.
Through our work at Blu Lake, we celebrate the lives that senior people lead every day and so UK Older People’s Day is an occasion very close to our heart.  The ‘over 50’s’ are a generation with a wealth of experience, skill, and knowledge so why shouldn’t they be celebrated!?

Launched this weekend, our new Bold Age® campaign helps those who are approaching or are in retirement to live life to the full and ditch the worries of getting older. So as part of our own celebrations to mark UK Older People’s Day, here are some tips to help you make the most of your current chapter of life.

  1. Live life on purpose! Or rather with purpose. People often talk romantically about living a life of leisure in retirement but the truth is, we are not wired to live this way. We need a ‘cause’, some structure, connection with others and the knowledge we are making a contribution to something bigger than us in order to stay fulfilled. Retirement is a time to pursue dreams and try new things to experience this kind of fulfilment. So, what truly floats your boat?
  1. Stay active! In body and in mind. This could be anything from reading to fishing, knitting to karate, yoga to walking. A study of people in their 70s run by Neurology magazine established that physical exercise increased the volume of the brain, whilst mental exercise protected the brain. Whatever the activity, just make sure it’s something you enjoy!
  1. Change your mind! About ageing. The word ageing is synonymous with older people and often comes with negative connotations, when in fact ageing is a lifelong process; we have all been ageing since the day we were born! So, rather than fear the ageing that lies ahead, why not ask yourself; ‘what have I already gained from ageing in my 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s etc?’ You will start to see how ageing enriches our lives more so than takes away.

To celebrate UK Older People’s Day this weekend why not try one of these tips yourself? You can also find out more about our new Bold Age® campaign in the video below.

Old age is a thing to celebrate not shy away from and together we can ‘rewrite retirement’!

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