Getting curious and creative about…Mid-Life Career Reviews – Part 4

Part 4 – How can I engage in Mid-Life Career Reviews in my organisation?

No doubt you’re already doing much or most of this already, so I thought I’d share a three of the main things to have in place to ensure the reviews give both you and your teams what’s need.

1.    A clear ‘why’ for the team members who will experience the reviews, as this may feel different to what has gone before;

a.    How will it help them – the classic what’s in it for me

b.    Why the organisation is embarking upon this approach

c.    The broader employment market context

2.    Managers or other coaches who are skilled and confident in helping colleagues to review their career in the context of their whole life. This requires: –

a.    A high degree of openness and trust between team member and manager/coach – you’re not just talking your average performance rating and position in the 9-box potential model here!

b.    Standard coaching skills and attitudes such as quality questioning and deep listening, along with suspending judgement are crucial to a successful review of someones whole life

3.    Clear lines of accountability, as some actions agreed will sit well and truly outside the manager/coach remit because it’s more personal for the team member

a.    If for example there is a need in the area of financial education, you probably wouldn’t want your managers offering this! In this instance, who would be accountable for hooking the colleague up with the right organisation or person to receive this advice?

b.    Also be clear on who is in the driving seat – because the review is likely to be about the colleagues whole life, a manager needs to be clear on where their responsibility starts/ends.

If you’re curious and would like to book a free consultation to see how this can work in your organisation, please contact me 07714 329339.

This is the 4th and final part in a four-part series to celebrate Learning at Work Week, 2017 – getting curious and creative about The Mid Life Career Review. 

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