8 out of 10 people aged 50+ are awash with worry about getting older. 70% of these people do nothing about it, what about you?

Are you…

  • Aged 50+ and can’t wait to retire and therefore want to plan to live your dreams?
  • Aged 50+ and shudder at the mere mention of retirement because you want to stay young?
  • In your mid 40s and won’t be retiring for at least another 20 years, but feel you can’t keep going at your current pace?
  • Recently retired and started to experience feelings such as guilt, frustration, a lack of purpose or boredom?

Retirement is changing and it means different things to different people. This means that retirement planning isn’t just about the finances; this major life transition requires mental and emotional preparation.

I can support you to rewrite the rule book on retirement by helping you plan your Bold Age®I work with you using the 5 step process below to guide you through comprehensive mental and emotional preparation for retirement.

By the end of the process you will be emotionally and mentally prepared for Bold Age®; having more peace of mind and control as you take that courageous leap into the next stage of your life; the life you want.

What you experience:
– An online diagnostic questionnaire backed up by a personalised report and feedback session outlining your level of preparation for Bold Age
– Targeted personal coaching to help you consolidate your unique strengths, values and desires for Bold Age

What you get:
– Complete clarity on what is unique about you – as a person, not an employee, a business owner or a director! This is the basis for a rewarding Bold Age.
– A comprehensive personalised report outlining your readiness for Bold Age in up to 15 life areas.
– Your own personal definition of retirement, created for you, for you so you can build the life you want.


What you experience:
– Structured personal coaching on the focus areas highlighted in your personalised report
– In depth coaching to remove any barriers where they exist, e.g. “I am not brave enough”, “I don’t believe I can do it”, “I don’t know how I will cope without work/the kids etc”

What you get:
– Complete clarity on your strengths and gaps in your planning for Bold Age, and most importantly what do do about them
– Full preparation for Bold Age in up to 15 different life areas
– Reduced worry or fear of the unknown
– Practical tools and techniques to manage the inevitable emotion of a life change


What you experience:
– Thought provoking exercises as an individual, couple or in a group of like-minded people to plot specific steps

What you get:
– Tried and tested framework and templates for planning for your Bold Age, used by c. 20,000 people worldwide
– A comprehensive plan for your Bold Age covering the outcomes you want to achieve as well as how to handle the transition


What you experience:
– Dedicated coaching session to focus on putting your plan in place
– Ongoing support mechanism via tools such as monthly newsletter and blog

What you get:
– Freedom to step into the next stage of life with peace of mind and a comprehensive plan
– Accountability, inspiration and momentum to live the life you want


What you experience:
– A review and re-tune session after 6 months

What you get:
– You stay on track!
– Practical solutions to deal with any challenges you have come across



We live in unprecedented times, with up to five generations working in any one organisation, each generation with different needs. I help you maximise your young and mature talent in these areas –


The Bold Age® Development Programme provides coaching for employees aged 50+ to help them plan emotionally and mentally for retirement, as well as stay engaged in your organization


Consulting on how to manage the varying needs of Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z in one organisation, to strengthen your talent strategy


Developing all generations to improve how they understand each other and therefore work together