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Those aged over 50 can be beset with worries about how to cope with getting older. However! People can lead healthy, active and fulfilling lives well into their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

You may have seen that every week on social media I select a ‘Bold Age® celeb of the week’. These are people over the age of 50 who show us that when it comes to ageing, they have it sussed! Although these ‘stars’ may have the luxury of money and are perhaps more pampered than the average person, I still believe there is a lot we can learn from them.

For instance, national treasure Sir David Attenborough continues to amaze BBC audiences with his less than sedate life. At the age of 90 and with a TV career spanning over 60 years, Sir David has created a succession of sensational TV series. Continuing to follow his lifelong passion for the natural world, Sir David teaches that keeping yourself occupied, with something you enjoy, is incredibly important as you get older. For the recently retired, many will start to experience feelings such as guilt, frustration, and boredom. It is, therefore, important to get clear on your passions, your values and your purpose so you can plan how you’re going to fulfil these in Bold Age®.

To enjoy your Bold Age®, it’s also helpful to rekindle old hobbies as well as try new things. In this regard, TV presenter writer and baker, Mary Berry is also a true inspiration. Aged 81, the active octogenarian and star of The Great British Bake Off has inspired many in their retirement to take up baking as a hobby. By joining a local baking club, or doing an evening cooking class you can keep yourself active, entertained and introduce new people to your social circle. If baking is not to your taste, there is a whole world of other hobbies out there. From dancing, fishing, knitting, singing, trekking, writing and more – the list goes on! For a fulfilling retirement, I can help you to start researching and planning activities that you would most enjoy.

It’s great to see that celebrities are rewriting the rule book on what is possible, regardless of the number on your birthday card. Remember, you don’t have to be a celeb to live a Bold Age®! I can begin a process which will emotionally and mentally prepare you for your Bold Age®. Giving you both peace of mind and control as you take that courageous leap into the next stage of your life.

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