About Me

Who am I?

With more than 20 years in big retail businesses and more than a decade in Learning, Development and Coaching, I’ve developed a real fascination for people.

I believe overall happiness and organizational performance is driven by what lies within people at their deeper level; their attitude and mindset, their core values and beliefs. These things act as a rudder as we navigate the inevitable changes in our lives, keeping us on course.

This is where I focus the coaching I do because I believe that everyone should be truly at the helm of their personal and corporate lives; taking control of their own route.

"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor"

Truth is, life isn’t plain sailing, we all experience stormy waters, what matters is how we deal with them. Coaching offers an objective, supportive and challenging way to remove barriers, reconnect with our strengths and build watertight plans to move forwards.

I bring my experience and qualifications in coaching, holistic life planning and NLP to create grounded, open and thought provoking sessions, which will help you get clear on what matters to you, help you find your focus.