A happy ending or a happy beginning – you decide

If you were asked to invest all your spare cash (let’s pretend you have loads of it!) in one of these definitions, which would you choose and why?

  1. A) Retirement:“To leave your job or stop working because of old age or ill health”
  2. B) Bold Age: “To have the courage, desire and resources to continue to grow, in your own way, whatever number is on your birthday card”

Whilst retirement is a ‘thing’, I think the definition above insinuates that:

  • Retirement means disengaging from work
  • You are less able to contribute as you get older
  • It is not within your control; it happens to you

which is why I created and work with option B.

We were reminded just last week that people are living longer than ever with men who reach 65 now able to look forward to another 19 years and women 21 years, according to figures from Public Health England. As we live longer and healthier lives, many people are already moving away from the old definition of retirement in favour of a more empowering, balanced and personal articulation of what the purpose and make-up of their later life stage is.

‘Old’ retirement paints a picture of a happy ending, or does it…

  • A prolonged holiday or monotony?
  • Lots of rest and relaxation or boredom?
  • No decisions, no schedules, no bosses, no awkward colleagues or no stimulating interactions and camaraderie?
  • Relief from anything that has caused us pain, pressure or stress or reduced opportunities for achievement and personal growth?

Bold Age creates a vision of a happy beginning…

  • Fueled by clear life purpose and meaning
  • Built on what’s important to you
  • Geared towards personal fulfilment in all aspects of life
  • Leading a truly balanced life
  •  Expanding our personal growth
  • Deepening our interest in life

Anna Dixon, chief executive of the Centre for Ageing Better puts it brilliantly: “Living longer is something to celebrate. But as well as adding years to life, we need to add life to years, enabling people to enjoy a good later life.”

With this in mind, over the next 8 weeks I will share some of the aspects of life I help clients to explore, understand and act upon when planning for their Bold Age, such as career, life meaning, vitality and family relationships.

As we go through these areas, I would love to hear your views, stories and questions as either an individual or an employer. You can do this via the comments or by contacting me direct;, out of interest, where did you invest that spare cash – A or B?